Hoba Steel. Tiles Made of Stainless Steel.

Since 1988, Hoba Steel has been manufacturing wall and floor elements made of stainless steel, brass, bronze and ferrite steel, including tiles, parquet, mosaics, skirting boards, profiles and borders. Stair treads have also been part of the programme from the very beginning. Special cuts and surfaces, including stainless steel colours, are available to planners and architects for their projects.

The products have been marketed for international architectural projects under the patented registered brand name SPIN® since 1989.

In 2015, the product range was expanded to include the very important segment of tactile guidance systems made of stainless steel. Since then, Hoba Steel has not only realised residential and commercial projects for architects, but has also implemented accessibility concepts in accordance with DIN 18040-1, DIN 32984 and DIN 32975.

Services and Production Options.

Architectural consulting, planning work, project development, transport and customs clearance are all part of our services. Hoba Steels products are suitable for architects and can be tendered for specifications. They can be processed by the trade. Our customers include architects, industry, general contractors, tilers, floor layers and wholesalers worldwide.

By combining various production technologies such as laminating, coating, stamping, embossing and colouring, Hoba Steel can manufacture project-specific products for architecture itself.

Various cutting techniques and the surface design of the stainless steel through grinding enable a wide range of products. CNC-controlled laser and punching technology and modern folding and bending techniques are used to produce individual elements for today’s architectural design in the areas of walls, floors and furniture.

Small mosaic sizes and large formats such as 1,200 x 2,400 mm or even larger offer architects many possibilities for their design concept. The stainless steel tiles are design- and function-orientated. The slip resistance and fire classification of Hoba Steel products are certified.

Areas of Application. Timeless and Durable.

The SPIN® elements, whether as wall and floor coverings or as stair treads, are timeless and a long-lasting component of modern architecture due to their high material appeal. The room gains in materiality and aesthetics. Hoba Steel has equipped projects for globally recognised architects with stainless steel tiles.

SPIN® stainless steel tiles have been used for many years in museums and cultural buildings, retail and showrooms, hospitality, health care, catering, office buildings and administrative buildings.

The SPIN® Safe guidance systems for the blind have been developed in accordance with the DIN standards for accessibility in public buildings. The tactile surface made of stainless steel has a very good sound character when touched with a long cane.