The tactile guidance system SPIN® Safe enables barrier-free construction according to DIN 18040-1, DIN 32984 and DIN 32975.

The implementation of accessibility focuses primarily on the comprehensive social participation of people with disabilities. Accessibility means much more than just comfort for people with disabilities. Accessibility is a decisive prerequisite for inclusion. It enables physically impaired people to have self-determined mobility, the greatest possible independence and participation in the world of work and leisure. 

Accessibility means that buildings and public places, workplaces and homes, means of transport and objects of daily use, services and leisure activities are designed in such a way that they are easily accessible to all without assistance. The understanding of needs, which are independent of groups of people and their limited possibilities, is presented in a “design for all”. By installing SPIN® Safe floor indicators, i.e. tactile and visual display elements in the floor, public space can be designed for these people in a way that ensures orientability and participation. 

The floor indicators, the tile guidance system, the handrail sliders and the tactile overview plans with associated individual desks made of stainless steel form the SPIN® Safe guidance system for the blind, manufactured in our steel manufactory in Germany, in accordance with the guidelines for accessibility in buildings accessible to the public.


Tactile Plans

The design of tactile overview plans is also governed by DIN 32975 (Design of visual information in public spaces for barrier-free use). Hoba Steel has the possibility to respond to the individual design concepts of architects and planners, in accordance with the DIN standards.

Our graphics department will develop a visual concept for you or implement new ideas regarding colours, shapes and sizes. In this way, Hoba Steel offers new design possibilities for the production of tactile overview plans. In our own steel manufacture, we produce individual wall desks and desk displays for you according to your specifications and the architectural situation.

Handrail Signs

A building should be “accessible without particular difficulty and basically without outside help”, according to DIN standard 18040.
With the handrail signs, Hoba Steel adds an important component to its guidance systems product segment.

DIN 32986 (tactile lettering and inscriptions) and DIN 32976 (Braille – requirements and dimensions) are used as the basis for the design and manufacture of the tactile handrail signs.

Stair Angles

Stairs that are not sufficiently visible are a particular difficulty in buildings. The stair angles draw attention, guide the way and thus prevent serious falls.

In the different surfaces and shapes, the elements adapt to the architectural environment.

High weight capacity


Alcohol resistant

100% recycelbar

Good room acoustics

Free from hazardous substances

Suitable for wet areas

Hybrid living

Easy to clean


Technical Details

For more information on the technical details of the guidance system for the blind, see the following link: