New Holland Island

St. Petersburg, Russia

Project Partner: MirArt Ceramics

HOBA STEEL products: 1,600 m² SPIN® Sand large formats, 60×120 cm & 120×240 cm

Completion: 2019
A young, modern cultural centre in historic architecture on a triangular island. The history of the building complex is rich in facets and contrasts, just like the interior design concept.

The stainless steel flooring from Hoba Steel with the silky-gloss SPIN® Sand surface harmonises with the historic brick walls and their numerous shades of colour. The large format of the stainless steel tiles emphasises the spaciousness of this architecture. The value of the stainless steel material emphasises the cultural richness of New Holland Island.

A successful mix of textured and smooth surfaces, soft earth tones with bold accent colours and, last but not least, the combination of selected materials make for an unforgettable architectural experience.

The stainless steel provides the perfect stage for this.