Employment Agency

Herne, Germany

Project partner: emco Responsible architect: Lindner Lohse Architekten BDA, Dortmund 
HOBA STEEL products: emcoemco SPIN® SAFE clean-off zone, SPIN® SAFE single stud and single rib (type OK), SPIN® SAFE studded and ribbed tile (type P)
Completion : 2023

Refurbishment and revitalisation of an administration building with public access

§ Section 50 MBO – Barrier-free construction: 2) 1. Buildings that are accessible to the public must be barrier-free in the parts serving general visitor and user traffic. Section 9a of the Building Inspection Ordinance (BauPrüfVO) has been in force in NRW since 1 January 2020.According to § 49/50 para. 2 BauO NRW 2018, the barrier-free concept must be enclosed with the building documents.The barrier-free concept of the employment agency in Herne stipulated that a tactile guidance system using floor indicators should be implemented by creating a new main entrance for the route from the pavement to the reception desk in the building. The guidance system in the interior, starting in the emco clean-running zone from the automatic sliding door system, is connected to the outside area by our tiles specially adapted to the emco system and guides the guest through the other rooms. The guidance system in the vestibule leads directly to the tactile overview plan, a tactile information board, after the entrance.

Tactile handrail signs were also installed on the handrails in the main stairwell in accordance with DIN 32986, tactile lettering and labelling. When continuing the tactile guidance system through various rooms, it was important to adapt the SPIN® SAFE floor indicators to the different terrazzo and carpet floor coverings and to design the guidance system in accordance with DIN 32983 and DIN 32975. The individual indicators, SPIN® SAFE single stud and single rib, were glued to the terrazzo floor using a special adhesive system. In the area of the carpet, the guidance system is continued with tactile tiles, SPIN® SAFE studded and ribbed tiles.The SPIN® SAFE tile guidance system is produced at a specific installation height depending on the project and the overall thickness of the carpet and can – as shown here – be embedded in the carpet.