Square - Rectangle - Triangle - Trapezoid

With the SPIN® Geo wall and floor elements, we put the geometric shapes in relation to each other. We go beyond the basic shapes of rectangle and square and show their transformation and further development into the next geometric shapes of triangle and trapezoid. In the installation, one geometric shape gives rise to the next.

This continuation is united in the modular shapes and formats of the SPIN® stainless steel tiles in the plane as part of the three-dimensional space. The modularity of SPIN® tiles combines the shapes of geometry in space. The effect of the architecture is thus also carried to the outside when the surface is laid. This gives the architect a solution for different sections of the wall and floor level that goes beyond functional decoration.
The arrangement of the geometric shapes can be rhythmic, without continuous vertical and horizontal lines, or dynamic and playful without repetition.
By using the newly created geometric shapes, their modularity to each other and the flexible functionality of the SPIN® tiles, the architect can respond to architectural challenges and at the same time realise his design concept.

Advantages of Hoba Steel products at a glance

High weight capacity


Alcohol resistant

Good room acoustics

Free from hazardous substances

Suitable for wet areas

Hybrid living

Easy to clean