Barrier-free Clean Walking Zones

emco Bau, Germany

Barrier-free Clean Walking Zones

The main aim of standard 18040 is to ensure that indoor and outdoor structures and their surroundings are barrier-free for people with disabilities. When planning the tactile guidance system and in accordance with DIN 32984, it is therefore immensely important that the indoor guidance system is connected to the outdoor guidance system. The barrier-free connection between inside and outside is an elementary prerequisite for buildings and structures to be barrier-free.

People with disabilities must be able to recognise the guidance system as soon as they enter the building and be made aware of it. To achieve this, the guidance system must be clearly distinguishable from the surrounding surface. This is achieved, for example, through a different soundscape, but also through contrasts and reflections.

In cooperation with emco Bau, Hoba Steel has further developed the SPIN® SAFE tactile tile guidance system especially for this area, for the clean-off zones in the vestibule and at the entrances, zhis stainless steel guidance system can be safely and functionally integrated into the clean-off zone. SPIN® SAFE, developed in accordance with DIN 32984, ensures barrier-free guidance from outside to inside and vice versa. In addition, the transition from the entrance mat to the floor covering is clean and uniform with the stainless steel floor indicators.

The integrated stainless steel guidance system from SPIN® SAFE is robust and of high quality. The perfect acoustics and sufficient contrast ensure the safety and mobility of blind and visually impaired people in accordance with DIN 32984: Floor indicators in public spaces.