Madrid, Spain

Architect: Herzog & de Meuron, Basel, Schweiz

Hoba Steel – Products: 950 m² SPIN® Plan (Large Format) Triangles

Installation: 2008

The CaixaForum is a museum, cultural centre and conference centre in the centre of Madrid. Herzog & De Meuron were responsible for the conversion of the listed building, which dates back to 1901.

The basic shape of the SPIN® floor elements is the triangle. The crystalline shape continues as the main motif in the Plaza, the main entrance and the lobby and staircase, which is also clad with SPIN® Plan panels. Each triangle by Hoba Steel is unique; the size of the triangles goes up to 1.50m x 3.0m.

On the framework of triangular large-format tiles from Hoba Steel, a three-dimensional light architecture is created by the reflection of the fluorescent lighting. This continues the motif of the winding surface and the dynamics of the room.