DC (Danube City) Tower 1

Vienna, Austria

Architect: Dominique Perrault Architecture, Paris

Hoba Steel – Products: 3,500 m² SPIN® Plan (Large Formats) 60x120cm & 120x240cm

Completion: 2014

With its offices, hotels and catering areas, the 60-storey DC Tower is the tallest building in Austria and a representative of today’s modern world architecture.

Hoba Steel’s SPIN® floor coverings can be found all over the world in places where many people move around. Hoba Steel wall and floor elements made of stainless steel are functional and modern.

The high material radiance of the stainless steel helps to make the rooms physically tangible. This spatial presence emphasises the generosity of the architecture in this breathtaking project.

The lift lounges are fully fitted with SPIN® Plan and, together with the natural stone, emphasise the calming physicality of the interior.