Sustainability and Social Responsibility

When you hold a stainless steel product in your hands today, it is usually made of more than 50 percent recycled steel. Like almost no other material, stainless steel is 100 percent recyclable. Stainless steel can be reused again and again by melting it down without any loss of quality if stainless steel is disposed of correctly. Proper recycling contributes to the sustainable use of the material and significantly reduces its CO2 footprint.

In terms of recyclability and durability, stainless steel is a very sustainable material. Although a lot of energy is required for its production and processing, stainless steel can therefore be described as environmentally friendly.

SPIN® elements are used as wall, floor or stair coverings and are characterised by their stability and hardness. In the best case, these refined utility objects will accompany you for a lifetime.

The production is located in the heart of the steel processing industry – in Holzwickede in the Ruhr area. This is where we work. This is where we live. This is where we are at home. Long-standing employees who look after every product from planning to implementation are the hallmarks of our company.

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