District Court

Bochum, Germany

Responsible architect: HASCHER JEHLE Architektur

HOBA STEEL products: SPIN® Safe studded and ribbed tiles

Completion: 2017

The new justice centre in Bochum is an architectural eye-catcher. The building complex of six structures combines four courts.

The imposing open staircase at the entrance leads visitors into the covered atrium of the first courtyard, which opens up to the outside through a glass façade. The outside courtrooms are accessed via galleries and open staircases.

Hoba Steel’s guidance system for the blind blends in architecturally right from the start and provides orientation between the individual parts of the building and the individual floors. The contrast required by the standard for better recognisability is achieved by incorporating dark tiles on both sides of the tiles. The system thus not only provides orientation, but also adds another element to the architecture of the building.