Palace Versailles - Pavillon Dufour

Paris, France

Architect: Dominique Perrault Architecture, Paris

Hoba Steel – ProductsSPIN® Brass 20 x 120 cm, SPIN® Ferrit, 30 x 220 cm, SPIN® Ferrit Versailles Parquet 106 x 106 cm, SPIN® Ferrit Stairs and SPIN® Safe Guidance System

Installation: 2016

This architectural project gave the Palace of Versailles a new entrance area, the floor of which was equipped with the Versailles parquet in the original format of SPIN® Ferrit and SPIN® Brass from Hoba Steel. Other rooms and hallways received plank-format floors. Seven staircases were equipped with steps made of SPIN® Ferrit.

Modern materials such as ferrite steel and brass were used to translate the long and complex architectural history of Versailles Palace into a contemporary museum building. The design and original installation pattern were consistently maintained. The 17th century Pavillon Dufour was transformed into the museum’s central, high-traffic visitor area. 

A precise and innovative stamping technique combined with true craftsmanship enabled Hoba Steel to produce this traditional panel parquet made of ferritic steel. Individual pieces were stamped to precise dimensions with a specific edge rounding. The elements are joined together on
joined together on carrier plates. 

The color play of the black-blue steel makes the SPIN® ferrite Versailles parquet an authentic design highlight.