Stainless Steel Tiles. Technical Details.

A noble material shows its effect: stainless and ferrite steel are modern, individual and can be used creatively. With SPIN® – Tiles made of stainless steel, you have a variety of surfaces in different installation heights at your disposal. 

Whether stainless steel pure or in combination with other floor or wall coverings: A shining appearance is guaranteed.

Surfaces at a Glance.

Our surfaces meet different requirements and are individually selected depending on the area of application. They captivate in their quality and thus enable a unique ambience.

SPIN® PlanSPIN® SandSPIN® Big PointSPIN® Oval MattSPIN® Oval AnthrazitSPIN® FerritSPIN® BronzeSPIN® Messing
Covered outdoor area
Sanitary and Living Area
Object area
Fire ratingB1B1B1B1B1
Slip resistanceR10R9R10R10R10
Displacement spaceV8
Barefoot test A
Barefoot test B
Barefoot test C
Suitable for underfloor heating
Oberseite laying direction

Overview of Formats.

We produce our tiles individually for your object on an order-by-order basis. We are happy to use our standard formats for this. Do you need a specific size or a special format, for example a geometric shape? We will be happy to fulfil your wishes in consultation with our production department – please do not hesitate to contact us!

Tiling Products (Laying with Joint I Type W and Type H)

The distinction of the type is determined by the underside: 

Type W has a silicate as underside with a total thickness of 8 mm. Type H has porcelain stoneware as underside with a total thickness of 10.5 mm.

Tiles / mmThickness / mmPlanSandBigpointOval MattOval Anthrazit
47,5x47,58 / 10,5
97,5x97,58 / 10,5
297,5x297,58 / 10,5
597,5x47,58 / 10,5
597,5x97,58 / 10,5
597,5x147,58 / 10,5
597,5x197,58 / 10,5
597,5x297,58 / 10,5
597,5x597,58 / 10,5
597,5x1197,58 / 10,5
1197,5x1197,58 / 10,5
2397,5x1197,58 / 10,5

Flooring Products (Installation without Joint I Type B)

Type B has plastic as the underside. We offer our flooring products with a thickness of 5 mm as standard, but other thicknesses are also possible on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tiles / mmThickness / mmPlanSandBigpointOval-MattOval-AnthrazitFerrit


Basically, all substrates must be checked for load-bearing capacity and strength before laying SPIN tiles. Release agents and dust must be removed from the substrate without leaving any residue. 

The information in the technical data sheets must always be observed.

Tiling Products (Installation with Joint - Type W and Type H)

Step 1: Clean the floor

Step 2: Primer

  • Cement screed: Cleaning
  • Calcium sulphate screed: Prime with ARDEX P 51 in a mixing ratio of 1:3 with water.
  • Mastic asphalt screed, smooth floors and old tiles: Prime with ARDEX P 82 synthetic resin primer.
Step 3: Installation
Recommended Material
FLOOR-Installation: Type WARDEX S28
FLOOR-Installation: Type HARDEX X78
WALL-Installation: Type WARDEX N23
WALL-Installation: Type HARDEX X77
Jointing Type W and Type HARDEX G6 Flex 1-6

Flooring Products (without Joint - Type B)

Step 1: Clean the floor

Step 2: Priming

  • Calcium sulphate screed: Prime with ARDEX P51 in a mixing ratio of 1:3 with water.
  • Cement screed, mastic asphalt screed, smooth floors and old tiles: Prime with ARDEX P82 synthetic resin primer.

Step 3: Filling the flow filler

We recommend ARDEX K15 DR as filler.

Step 4: Sanding the putty

For sanding, we recommend a parquet sanding machine, for example.

Step 5: Laying

For installation, we recommend ARDEX Premium AF 495 or SPIN® Epoxy Adhesive.

Single Indicators (self-adhesive)

Step 1: Clean the floor, incl. degreasing

Step 2: Sticking on the indicators

With the help of a template (German or French spacing), the indicators are glued on one after the other. To do this, peel off the protective film on the underside, place the indicator and then press on firmly to activate the adhesive force. After 72 h, the floor can be walked on again.

For floors that are subject to particularly high levels of moisture and in areas where cleaning machines are used, e.g. in supermarkets or entrance areas, we recommend fixing the indicators with another special adhesive.

Datasheet Download

Datasheets explain the technical properties of the SPIN® series. If you have any further questions or require a data sheet for an individual product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

SPIN® Plan

SPIN® Sand

SPIN® Big Point

SPIN® Oval Matt

SPIN® Oval Anthrazit

SPIN® Ferrit

SPIN® Bronze

SPIN® Messing


A noble material shows its effect: stainless steel is modern, individual and creatively applicable. With SPIN® products, you present your stair treads at a high level and offer the highest safety standard.

Stair Forms

Stair Types

The step types differ in their shape:

1 – surface only (also suitable for window sills).

2 – PLAN surface with inlaid nap for slip resistance

3 – PLAN surface and embossed studs for slip resistance

4 – Step angle possible in various shapes and surfaces – here: round