Berlin, Germany

Responsible architect: Thomas Kröger Architekten GmbH, Berlin

HOBA STEEL products: approx. 200 m² SPIN® Plan in the form of hexagons (1130×470 mm) and stars (611×611 mm)
The building asserts itself as ultra-modern but unconventional architecture in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. Future-orientated and flexible, it offers a stylish and informal working and business environment for young entrepreneurs and creative artists who accompany or even determine the spirit of the times. The targeted selection of materials and their surfaces is expressive and at the same time not loud. In the new SC8 office building, the flooring on the ground floor in the foyer, corridor, back office and bar areas is made entirely of SPIN® Plan stainless steel flooring from Hoba Steel. It subtly creates a surprising moment by having an emotional and eclectic effect. As a team player, it allows all the other materials to take centre stage. The stainless steel tiles in the form of large hexagons and stars represent the Taj Mahal Allover design as a laying pattern for the floor. The resulting geometry is specifically positioned to emphasise the axes and dimensions of the room. The dimensionally accurate production of the diamonds and stars using CNC laser cutting guaranteed a precisely fitting, seamless installation. The tiles at the edges of the room and around the permanently installed furniture were not cut on site, but were CNC-cut as unique pieces and made available to the floor layer. This ensured a clean and precise installation and the perfect edge formation of the tiles was also maintained at the edges of the surfaces. More information about the project: &